ABC Family new series “Jane by Design” concludes its first season this summer, and the summer premiere is just one day away!  Jane by Design summer premiere following the Season 3 premiere of “Pretty Little Liars.”  So…if you did watch the first 10 episodes of Jane by Design, you know where we left off…Billy confessing his feelings to Jane, after Jane had a moment with Jeremy.  So…what’s going to happen for the next 8 episodes???  Will Billy and Jane FINALLY be together??? 

Sadly, I’m announcing the opposite of what we Jane by Design fans are waiting for.  Billy and Jane seem to still have “feelings” for each other…but it looks like it’s going to stay at a friendship level for now.  Billy apparently ran out after Jeremy interrupted his confession to Jane, and Jane hasn’t seen him since then.  Billy then went to juvie for two months, and thinks that Jane and Jeremy are together [hence, the running out after his confession]. 

And sadly…more bad news.   Jane finds herself interested in Gray’s nephew, Eli…but nothing else is really said about that.  On top of that, Billy gets back to school and starts to get interested in the “new girl” at school Zoe, and it’s rumored that by episode 15 “The Online Date,” Billy and Zoe will be dating.  Still, that leaves three episodes for Jane and Billy to get together before the season ends.  And, Billy/Jane shippers [like myself]…don’t lose hope!  Just because there is another love interest in Billy’s life doesn’t mean there are not going to be those amazing Billy/Jane moments.  And maybe (just maybe) before the end of the season, Jane will be the one confessing her love for Billy…that is only speculation [and more of hope] on my end…not fact.   And let’s hope that the ratings are good enough this time around to get a full second season pickup [fingers crossed].    

So…make sure to tune in tomorrow for the summer premiere of “Jane by Design.”

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